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Your Self-Image Needs To Change

There is no way to achieve a goal that is bigger than your current self-image!

You can even get something else for sometime, but eventually you will get back to the level your self-image defines as “your level”. It happens with lottery winners who, in a matter of years after winning millions of dollars, end up in a financial situation that is similar or even worse to what they had before. And it happens to billionaires, like Donald Trump, who lose all his billions and them get back to being a billionaire again in a matter of years too.

If you want to reach higher goals you will need to change and grow a higher and richer self-image. All this change begins with you believing that you can really reach those higher goals.

Watch the following video where I explain how the self-image is the core of your Programming and defines the way you accept and interpret what happens to you.

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