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“You Will Be The President Of Your Country”

It is pretty amazing, when you meet a total stranger and after less than an hour he is telling you things that only you know you were thinking!

This happened to me in December 25th 1987, when Dr. Benkendorfer, a person I knew in Wiesbaden, told me “you will be the President of your country” without knowing me at all and after less than 1 hour talking about trivialities in a bar.

For many reasons that you can understand in my book FEEL BETTER 24/7/365 it took me almost 27 years to understand clearly how Dr. Benkendorfer was able to tell me what I was heavily thinking in those days of the end of 1987.

I highly recommend that you read FEEL BETTER 24/7/365 and watch my videos on a daily basis. By doing this, your effectiveness to reach your goals will improve much faster!

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Luis Souza is an electronic engineer who followed his passions and turned into author and online business owner.

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