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Why Positive Thinking Alone Doesn’t Work

Positive thinking alone doesn’t work for a simple reason: you aren’t able to select between thousands of thoughts that pass through your mind everyday. It’s a tough task to be choosing thoughts all day long and not being able to do anything else. I’ve tried and can tell you that you will waste your time trying to think only positive thoughts all the time. At a certain point you can end up thinking bad thoughts about the way you are dealing with your thoughts. Do you know what I mean? Hope so!

But if you focus on the way you feel and strive to feel good all the time, deleting or improving thoughts that make you feel bad you will be on your way to success and the byproduct of this inner action will be that you will literally think positive thoughts all the time. So the secret is to focus on the way you feel, rather than focusing on what you are thinking, with a much better result at the end of the day. Since I started using this technique my life only improved and it’s always becoming better and better, just because I focus on feeling good now and better and better and better…

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