The Feel Better! Team Mission

We believe that feeling good consistently is the most tangible effect and primary aim of a free mind.

We believe that REAL FREEDOM comes only to those who are able to choose thoughts that make them FEEL GOOD and attract what they want in their lives.

And we also understand that to FEEL GOOD, without the use of any kind of drugs, is the best way to know when you are FREE and naturally taking actions and sending out positive vibrations that attract what you want in your life.

Our main message is: “Don’t wait to get what you want to FEEL BETTER. FEEL BETTER to get what you want. Choose thoughts that make you FEEL BETTER to know you are in the right direction and attracting what you want.”

We FEEL GOOD now to FEEL BETTER later.

We may FEEL GOOD today, but we want to FEEL even BETTER tomorrow!

We don’t allow thoughts that make us feel bad anymore, because we know that feeling bad is not good for us.

We see a world in which people FEEL BETTER and help others to FEEL BETTER too, multiplying exponentially our collective ATTRACTION AND CREATIVE POWER.

A world full of CREATORS who help others become CREATORS too.

We fight any kind of oppression that prevents self-limiting enslaved creatures from becoming CREATORS.

Oppression of any kind is our enemy, especially inner oppression, the insidious one that comes from within, due to a past enslaved conditioning.

We fight for a better and more creative world in which oppressors join us to create it.

And we help other people to FEEL BETTER and attract what they want, while we ourselves FEEL BETTER and attract what we want.




The FEEL BETTER Team was created as a support group to you who read the book FEEL BETTER 24/7/365 and realized that you want to:

1) Improve your own attraction skills
2) Help other people improve their attraction skills

When you improve your attraction skills you are naturally improving your LEVEL OF FREEDOM, becoming the CREATOR of your own life.

You signed your FREEDOM PAPERS and you do all your best to keep and expand your FREEDOM. Then you shine and people around you notice that, so you become a natural LEADER too.

This personal FREEDOM improvement process happens in four steps or levels:

1) Unconscious incompetence
2) Conscious incompetence
3) Conscious competence
4) Unconscious competence

Being on this page now, I assume you already read the book and reached level 2) and are willing to do your best to reach levels 3) and 4).

Ultimately you want to become unconsciously competent to attract abundance into your life, becoming rich in all senses of this word, which is a natural human desire. But, different than most people who only seek riches outside themselves, you already know that in order to attract, get and keep them you need to improve yourself first. You already know that you don’t get what you want, you get what you are.

My name is Luis Souza and I’m here to help you with that. I’m here to help you improve yourself to become rich, from inside out, because once you start to use your right to choose your thoughts and feelings you will be able to make other choices too.

Which leads me to the following question…


It is very important that you choose wisely the people you are listening to. Because, most of the times, your best friends, family members and coworkers aren’t the ones who will give you good advices to help you grow as a person and improve financially. It is not a matter of good will, but of skill. And the same applies to TV or Internet news and ads in general too, for instance. In this case, you should always be careful to know what hidden intentions come as a “bonus” with the ideas they are selling to you.

One short tip: if you are not feeling good lately and realized that your mind is noisy and confused then you certainly are not listening to the right people. And it is likely that you aren’t even listening to your inner GPS too. So be very careful when choosing who you listen to.


It is also very important that you keep yourself being teachable, with a high teachability index, which simply means that you will do your best to keep being hungry to learn more, even if it seems that you already know a lot. Remaining teachable and willing to learn more is what allows successful people to keep being successful.

Knowing that you are here reading my words, I understand that you are thinking of having me as your guide and I’m much honored to know that. But in order to be a good guide I’ll always need to remind you that whenever your teachability index drops you will be preventing yourself to grow more. So do your best to get out of that I-already-know-that! mode that is so common between people who don’t succeed.

Being teachable also means that you are willing to change, you are willing to move and do new things that will allow you to go in the right direction to reach your wildest goals. By the way, one of my main functions as your guide will always be to remind you to follow your inner GPS. The more accurately you fine-tune yourself to hear and follow its instructions, the faster and smoother you will be growing and reaching your goals.

And as you will soon realize, it is only by helping you reach your goals that I will reach mine. If you want me as your guide, you should think of me as someone who knows a little more than you do now and has your best interest in perspective.

Fake It Till You Become iYou!

I look at you as already being your iYou! And I do my best to help you become it.

This means that I’m going to show you the doors, but you are the one who will need to walk through them.

During sometime, while you fake it till you become iYou I will be the only one believing you already became it!

You will see that when you crazy dance, I won’t live you alone doing it, which will make your own FEEL BETTER movement grow much easier and faster.

We will both live in a dream world that will soon become a reality!

Sometimes you will realize that you don’t know the way to reach your goals, and then I will remind you that no one ever does know that till they reach them. You may be inspired by my story and the ones of others, but you will have to live your own story.

Living your own story simply means that you will need to follow your inner GPS instructions and reach your desired addresses, having a real success story to tell afterwards.

Always be sure that my imagination is enormously big and can accommodate your craziest ideas, so don’t be shy and always trust that I will do my best to help you succeed.


If sometimes you feel your inner structures shaking, it is just because you are going out of your comfort zone and “swimming” in waters you don’t know yet. Having me to give you instructions will make everything smoother and safer for you, because I’ve already been there and know where the sharks and turtles are. I will always lead you to swim with the turtles, which is a fantastic experience, by the way.

In July 2012, taking advantage of our internet marketing mobile lifestyle I spent 35 days in Barbados, a little island in the Caribbean, with Marisa, my wife, and Naomi, our daughter, and we had a wonderful time there.

I love to swim, so I took advantage of the amazing warm temperature of the water and swam a lot with my long flippers, with and without the company of turtles! 🙂


One day I swam almost 11 km in 4 hours and 15 minutes, as you see in this map below, and didn’t see any sharks! It was wonderful!!!

And this is a video I made in those days, showing a very good place where you can go and swim with turtles, without the need to rent a boat. Very cool bar and music!

If you ever go to Barbados, swim with the turtles and drink as much coconut water as you can, because it is good for your health, delicious and cheaper than anywhere else in the world! Very cheap. We will always remember the big 2 liter plastic bags we used to buy and drink in Barbados!

Personal Alchemy System

There is a wonderful message in “The Alchemist”, by Paulo Coelho: while repeating thousands of times all the processes to turn lead into gold, it is the alchemist himself who becomes “gold”. He improves himself, becoming better than he was before.
And this is true for any human activity, going from sports to hobbies to business: if you repeat the same activities thousands of times you master them, becoming better in doing them, but you also improve yourself in the process too.

When it comes to the attraction skills that you want to improve there is no better way to do it than to do communication activities thousands of times in order to become a better communicator. It is by communicating your message that you will attract the right people to help you get what you want.

It doesn’t matter what you want, you will always need other people to help you get it. So, you will need to attract them. And if you think that iYou has more attraction than you do right now, than you can be sure that iYou is also a better communicator, mainly by writing and speaking. So you need to use a “personal alchemy system” as a tool to improve yourself and become iYou.


Now is the moment that you realize that it’s not enough just to FEEL BETTER to attract what you want. You really need to FEEL BETTER ON AIR! You need to broadcast your FEEL BETTER message, regarding your passion for whatever you are passionate about, to the biggest group of people possible in order to attract those who will become your friends, clients, customers, fans, subscribers, etc…

And in the beginning of the 21st century there is no better and cheaper way to broadcast your message than through the internet, by blogging, making videos, etc.


It was exactly using the internet as a way of communication that I improved myself in so many levels, not only as a professional, but as a person too…

In 1998, after buying and studying a very big and thorough course of Internet Marketing, I started sharing internet marketing tips to a mailing list of potential clients in Brazil. While I conditioned myself to share a daily internet marketing tip I realized that my subscribers liked what I was sharing and so I did my best to deliver good content in everything that I wrote.

There was no video marketing in those days, so my communication was only by email. I had more than 3,000 subscribers and it was very cool to interact with them, something that I did until 2,000, when I realized that I wanted to do something more related to self-help, because I felt that people needed motivation and inspiration and I wanted to provide them exactly that. Or maybe the truth is that I needed motivation and inspiration too!

So in 2000 I quit my internet marketing business and for two years invested in a research that led me to go from the financial world to reach the spiritual. The result of those two years of work and inner transformation was a book called Rich Clone, Poor Clone that I published in Portuguese and on paper and marketed for 3 years offline. Huge mistake of mine, because it was through the internet that I found my most passionate fans who read the free pdf file version and wanted to buy the printed one afterwards.

This book didn’t sell well because of 4 main reasons that I see clearly now:
1) I didn’t know what I now know about the Law of Attraction and FEEL BETTER;
2) I didn’t market it properly through the internet;
3) I still had to kill “Mr. Otavio”, the inner monster who still made me lose focus and control while dealing with other people;
4) I still needed to “clone myself” into being an even richer clone than I was in those days! 🙂

But people are already asking me to republish Rich Clone, Poor Clone in English, which is something I’m considering to do. And I also learned a lot with this project. Besides that I’m very proud to say that the information in the book is still being life-changing for all the readers who read it, which makes me very happy too!

After that, my life is well covered in FEEL BETTER 24/7/365… I went to Japan and met PaintyBoy, my robot friend, who was locked inside a room to paint LCD TV plastic frames. In the picture below, taken with some of my colleagues, the blue mask hanging from my neck allowed me to keep my lungs free from the toxic substances of the ink inside PaintyBoy’s painting room.

Hanging out with PaintyBoy for two years gave me a great opportunity to reflect about my life and learn how to make it better, but during those years I didn’t write anything. In 2008 and 2009, back in Brazil, I built a house in front of a native forest and worked with Marisa helping her start her translation business, which is very successful by the way. She translates from English, German and Italian into Portuguese.

Well, our home office is behind that front window of the house and I work looking outside through that window! And it was only in 2010 that I went back to my passion and what I really love: internet marketing. And this time I found an internet world completely different and more complex than the one I found in 1998.


Since 2010 you can be sure that I invested hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars to make my restart faster, but most of those hours and dollars were spent very badly in deals with “sharks” that only made me frustrated and to think that I was a failure and loser, which I think it is a very common situation among people who want to succeed online, as people use to say that 98% of them fail.

Unfortunately most internet marketing gurus aren’t really focused in helping beginners. They are focused on selling something to you that you don’t necessarily need… And for a while I was a naive buyer, victim to my own desire of succeeding fast!

You can think that I was a victim of those “internet sharks”, but the truth is that I was a victim of my own desire to “get rich quick” and solve a supposed “not enough cash” problem, without realizing that I needed to improve myself first.

It is ironic because some time ago I used to watch an British television drama series called Hustle and I think it is in the first episode of the series that the leader of a gang of hustlers says this: “You can’t cheat an honest man. Find somebody who wants something for nothing, then give him nothing for something”

Now I clearly see that every time I felt cheated by one of those “internet sharks”, the fault was mine because inside I was thinking about “getting rich quick” without giving anything in return!

The Law of Attraction doesn’t work if you only want to attract riches without giving something of value in return.

The problem that most poor and middle class people have is that they are always thinking in “getting” something and have no focus whatsoever on “giving”.

When you have a goal, your inner GPS will give you instructions to offer value to other people and it will be through the value you give that you will end up receiving what you want.

This is something that needs to be very clear in your mind, because otherwise you will make yourself a very good prey to all those “internet sharks” that are bombarding your inbox all the time.

Remember also that if you are spending too much time watching TV series and movies you are filling your mind with the “cheat crime mindset” that is spread through almost all of them and will do you no good at all. I bet what you want that most people who remain poor and middle class are complaining about it in front of a TV set, while they watch “what they like”.

You see, if you want to attract what you want, in front of a TV set is not the right place to be. If you watch a TV series, all those actors are working, while you are passively inundating your mind with crap.

I loved when Naomi shared this image with me on Facebook today, without even knowing I was writing this letter to you!

If you really love TV series and want to grow rich you should be there behind or in front of the scenes, acting, producing, directing and even writing scripts that will keep poor and middle class eyeballs hypnotized by the story you are telling.

Rich people don’t have the habit of spending 2 or more hours every day watching TV shows that share poor and middle class mindset stuff. They become bored when they do that and the same will happen to you once you focus your mind on really and seriously living and improving your life.

FEEL BETTER and live your life!

Instead of always being an spectator to other people’s lives while they FEEL GOOD and you remain feeling bad!

Be the leading figure of your live show by focusing on adding value to other people’s lives and you will naturally FEEL GOOD, attract all you want and repel hustlers too!

It was only when I realized that I needed to stop being and opportunity seeker looking to buy the next shining object that appeared in front that things started to change for me.

This is a very important lesson to you too, my friend, because in order to create a business that you get you to FEEL GOOD NOW and FEEL BETTER tomorrow, you have to build it around you and your beliefs, the business has to grow from you and having iYou as the main inspiration for the business to exist and not the other way round.


With all the confusion and pollution that you see in your inbox everyday it is very hard to choose your direction when you are beginning and having a mentor helps enormously. In my case, when I hired a blogging coach things started to take off. I spent $2,000 to get access to videos that explained how to blog using a special technique called “Curation” and had the right to take to Harlan Kilstein for 8 times of 15 minutes each.

In those days, for my personal standards, that was a lot of money, but I’m collecting the benefits until today, because I created a blog called targeting women interested in Beauty and Health topics. Bonita Para Sempre means Beautiful For Ever, and although I’m not a woman and am not so interested in those kind of topics, it was fun to blog for a while for women and pretending to be a woman too! 🙂

This blog, that nowadays receives more than 1,000 visits a day, is run by my wife Marisa and she has a growing list of more than 11,000 subscribers who become clients on a daily basis. She has a handsome growing income there too, which makes me very happy and keeps her quiet and not telling me anymore that my work on the internet doesn’t bring us any money as she used to do for years!

By the way, here between us, I gave her that blog exactly with the intention to make a believer out of her. And it worked! She is improving herself and her blog following my internet marketing and blogging coaching, and I’m very proud of her results. But in the beginning that blog started with my personal faith and blogging efforts.

During almost 1 year I didn’t have any income coming from that blog and feeling frustrated, in the beginning of 2013 I hired an internet marketing coach, Jim van Wyck, who taught me the importance of building an online business around my passion. Loved this lesson!

With Jim I had a more intense relationship and he helped me structure another blog, that nowadays is even more successful than, because it attracts almost 2,000 visits a day. No need to say that I’m a firm believer and very passionate about the raw vegan diet!

Jim is Canadian and I realized that creating an online business in English would be better for our communication and for the growth of the business itself that would have a larger market than if I did it in Portuguese. Besides that I also wanted to outsource some tasks and knew that it would be easier and cheaper to hire virtual assistants in English, which really was the case as I realized later on.

So for months in 2013 I put all my time and money into to make it big, with the mission of reaching 1,000,000 people. I interviewed almost 100 raw vegan leaders and published hundreds of viral posts in the raw vegan niche. And proudly I can say that now I’ve made my personal impact to improve other people’s lives through a wonderful diet, which is the raw vegan one. From my reckoning I shall be reaching 1,000,000 people with the raw vegan power message of health and happiness by the end of 2014.


Today (4/13/14) I ended reading an amazing book called START WITH WHY, by Simon Sinek. I highly recommend that you read it too, but I will share some of Simon’s ideas with you now. Basically Simon states that if you want to build a successful business you need to have a big and sound why in the Golden Circle, which is composed of three concentric onion layers: WHY, HOW and WHAT.

For instance, Apple has a very well defined WHY, which is to confront the status quo. They do it through a HOW structure that transforms their main message into products and services, which are their WHAT. Having a very well defined WHY makes Apple very successful and able to compete and win in many different markets, such as cellular phones, mp3 players, pc computers, music, etc. Employees, customers and even shareholders share the same beliefs Apple’s founder, Steve Jobs, had. That’s the reason they are so loyal. This is true for Apple and is also true for you as well, especially if you are starting your business today.

For a family, I think that a very good WHY is to improve the FEEL BETTER sensation within it and each of its members.

In my case, whenever I look the picture above, I remember my personal WHY regarding my family. Everything I do ultimately is directed to see and live more moments like this one, in which Naomi and Marisa are smiling, happy and FEELING BETTER THAN EVER!

So to be successful in business, and life in general as well, you need to start each day with a very clear sense of your WHY, mindset, passion, purpose and beliefs.

Having a very well defined WHY will allow you to be persistent and eventually find the HOW and WHAT to succeed online. But if you do it as I did for many years and keep buying HOW and WHAT solutions that most internet marketing gurus are always trying to sell you, then you won’t have a well-defined WHY and will probably join the 98% losing group in the internet marketing game faster than you can imagine.

The harsh reality is that all those people unfortunately don’t have a clear sense of WHY they do what they do online. They use to focus only on getting more money and that’s their main core mistake that ultimately leads to more mistakes and, of course, quitting…

As Simons says in his book: “Money is never a cause, it is always a result.” So you shouldn’t make money itself your main cause to do anything. If you do that, sooner or later people will realize that and you will lose. And the worst part of having money as your WHY is that you will make yourself a very good prey to those “internet sharks” that I mentioned before.

Besides that, there is another wonderful truth that Simon shares: “People don’t buy WHAT you do. They buy WHY you do it”. I believe this is 100% true, especially if you think about long lasting success, as I do.


I believe that the next breakthrough step in human evolution is to be able to use more of our inner individual and collective potential.

And I sincerely believe that we have something of gigantic value to share with other people who still are lost in thoughts wondering if the Law of Attraction really works. When you focus your attention on keeping good emotions passing through your body you naturally choose better thoughts that originate them. You are not dueling in a tormenting river of thoughts, you are calming and guiding the river to take your canoe to wherever you want to go.

From my perspective this FEEL BETTER breakthrough message needs to be shared and this is my personal WHY now.

Sharing this message I’m sure that I’m improving other people’s lives and making them more aware of their attraction potential. I can see thousands and even millions of lives being improved when people begin to GET the FEEL BETTER message.

Once you realize that you have the right to choose your emotions and to FEEL BETTER you are naturally freeing your mind from lots of bad thoughts and feelings pressure. It’s a simple yet very powerful message that we have here.

The FEEL BETTER Team was created as a support group to help you improve your attraction skills and give you the opportunity to share the FEEL BETTER message too.

As already stated:


Our MISSION is to help you to FREE your mind and attract what you want.


So, to make things easier for you I need to tell you that:

To be part of the FEEL BETTER Team and have me as your mentor will mean that you share the same beliefs with me and you want to change the world helping other people to “FREE their minds and attract what they want” as well.

If this is true than you are very welcome to join the FEEL BETTER Team. We both have a very well defined WHY and Big Idea Mastermind and Empower Network products, training and events are our HOW and WHAT.

It’s through the activities with the FEEL BETTER Team and BIM/EN tools, by blogging, making videos, getting traffic, that you will do your personal alchemy and, with time, become iYou!

Well, you need a structure and a new routine that helps you keep yourself on track to improve as a person and reach higher personal levels of freedom and, ultimately, financial freedom as well. Besides that I’m sure you will enjoy knowing that you can grow your bank account while you are improving yourself.

That’s where I introduce you to Big Idea Mastermind and Empower Network, because by joining the FEEL BETTER Team you are also joining them in a very smooth and appealing way. This simply means that by joining the FEEL BETTER Team you will be having access to me and to my mentors as well.

Mentors who inspired and inspire me will be inspiring and helping you grow and reach your unconsciously competent financial FREEDOM LEVEL, exactly as you wish.

You can only join the FEEL BETTER Team by invitation, but basically, once you join me directly or through one of our FEEL BETTER Team members you are automatically having access to Big Idea Mastermind and Empower Network too.

I warn you that, as soon as you join us, you will feel a little push, putting you in forward motion as never before. You will feel like starting to use a new TURBO gear in your car, one that you never used before.

This TURBO gear’s power and my personal commitment in your regards will be as high as your commitment to the “game” you will be starting to play.

Your higher commitment will show me that I need to focus more attention on you and combining my focus with yours you will grow faster. As T. Harv Eker says “what you focus on expands”. Our combined focus will make things much more enjoyable and rewarding for you and, sure, for me as well.

There are three ways of committing in any kind of business: with time, with money and with different combinations of them. Small inputs of time and money will give you small outputs too. Larger inputs of time and money can make your outputs quicker and bigger. That’s the way the Law of Attraction and Reaction works, if you put a little bit in, you will get a little bit out, if you put a whole lot in, you will get a whole lot out.

With all that said, now that you know me very well, I’d like to know you too in order to see the best way to help you, so send me an email to


– the reason you would like to join the FEEL BETTER Team;
– your city;
– your country;
– what are you passionate about?

And we will schedule a FREE 15 minute skype interview with me in which I will be able to know you better and you will be able to ask me anything you like about the FEEL BETTER Team and how to join it.

Thank you so much for your time!

Feeling better than ever,


Luis Souza

About Luis Souza


Luis Souza is the founder of the FEEL BETTER Movement. An electronic engineer who followed his passions and turned into author and online business owner. He already self-published Rich Clone, Poor Clone (only in Portuguese), Beauty Secrets of Brazilian Women (available on Amazon), RAW NOW! The Best Way to Clear Your Mind and Be Happy and FEEL BETTER 24/7/365 – ON AIR The Fastest Way to Attract What You Want.

He owns and, 2 blogs that receive more than 5,000 visitors a day. And he lives with his wife, Marisa, and their daughter, Naomi, in a house in front of a native forest in the area of Londrina, Brazil.

If you want to contact Luis, feel free to send a message to, usually he will answer it in no more than 48 hours.

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