My 27 Year Search Is Over

In the beginning of 1987, after being kicked by a horse in the mouth, I started using mind control techniques and my life became magical, with lots of coincidences, serendipities and even miracles happening and propelling me to reach my goals. It was awesome!

But then, by the end of the year I started doing something wrong that eventually stopped all the magic and made my life become boring and “normal” again. I didn’t know what I have done, but having tasted a bit of “Heaven on Earth” made me want more of it, so I searched for almost 27 years for the missing link to make things work magically again for me.

It was only in the end of 2013 that I finally got it! And now knowing what needs to be done, I’m very excited to share it with you through the book FEEL BETTER: ON AIR 24/7/365.

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About The Author

Luis Souza

Luis Souza is an electronic engineer who followed his passions and turned into author and online business owner.