My Motivational Birthday

Today I’m very inspired because I woke up and when I got to my computer to check emails and statistics of our FEEL BETTER: ON AIR 24/7/365 promotion, I read a very inspirational message congratulating me for my birthday, that is really today, April 8th!

The message was from Melina Mary, my proofreader, assistant and personal friend, who is a great source of motivation and inspiration for me since she accepted to proofread my book. I feel so grateful that Melina was attracted to this project and didn’t let me dancing alone while I was starting this FEEL BETTER Movement that we are starting now!

Well Melina’s message was so inspiring that I had to share it with you here:

Hi Luis,


May every dream come true,
every wish a manifestation of pure joy for you!

Thank you for writing a beautiful book for the masses.

I dedicate these to you… 🙂

“You’re Unstoppable”

“Never Give Up On Your Dreams”

“Never Give Up on a Dream” by Rod Stewart (Lyrics)

Have a wonderful day! Make it your terrific Tuesday!

Only the very best with feeling better,


Hope you enjoy listening to these motivational songs as much as I did!

They will help you keep your focus to FEEL BETTER and make your dreams become realities!

Thank you so much Melina for being such a wonderful partner who brings so much Light to my days, making them brighter!

Wish you a wonderful Buda’s birthday too! 🙂

I think it is funny, but I was born in the day of Buda’s birthday. It feels so good to know that! 🙂

After checking my email inbox, I went to Facebook and read and answered many Happy Birthday messages and loved the video Paul Rodgers sent me. Check it out and tell me if it is not lovely to see penguins singing and dancing and wishing you Happy Birthday! 🙂

Wish you have a fantastic Buda’s birthday Tuesday!

To your success!

Feeling better than ever,

Luis Souza

PS: In case you are wondering, I was born in 1965 and today I start my 49th year of life. It may seem a lot, but I feel like I’m starting my whole life NOW, especially when I remember that I have the mission of sharing the FEEL BETTER message with the world!

PPS: Please take a look at the new page showing and explaining FEEL BETTER: ON AIR 24/7/365 and tell me what you think about it in the comments:

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Luis Souza is an electronic engineer who followed his passions and turned into author and online business owner.

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