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What I Learned From Leonardo DiCaprio In The Wolf of Wall Street

Recently I watched the movie The Wolf of Wall Street, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and sincerely, when I first heard about this movie, I didn’t want to watch it. If you look at it superficially you will realize that it is definitely not a FEEL BETTER movie. And nowadays I tend to choose only films that will enhance my inner state, helping me to feel better.

But when an old friend of mine asked me to download The Wolf of Wall Street, I did it and watched it 3 times so far. There is something very interesting in this movie (besides many beautiful women and sex!), that made me want to understand it more deeply…

Now that I finally did it, there are 4 lessons that I want to share with you today:

1) Leonardo DiCaprio is really a very good actor, as my daughter Naomi says, and I confess that what initially attracted me to consider watching this movie was “him”. Which reminds me of something that I learned the other day: “everything starts with WHO!” By the way, this is something very important to remember if you are trying to build a business online or offline. You need to become the “WHO” that people will want to see and hear in your business.

2) Jordan Belfort, the main character, and his friends used huge quantities of drugs, even though they were earning a lot of money. Money in itself didn’t make them feel good! This helped me to finally understand the reason people use drugs. It is simple: they feel bad and want to FEEL BETTER! Someone who is already feeling good would never use drugs, especially in the huge quantities that they did! People are desperate to FEEL BETTER even with the cost of their own health.

3) To end this movie, its director Martin Scorsese was a genius when he put the real Jordan Belfort introducing the fake one interpreted by Leonardo DiCaprio to an audience of people who want to learn how to sell. I loved the way Martin showed the audience and how lost those people seemed to be. It is funny to realize that I was part of that crowd a few months ago. People who are willing to learn how to sell, but are feeling bad inside and can’t really express themselves in an appealing way. Leonardo asks three of them “sell me this pen” and they do it in a clumsy way, with no attraction power whatsoever, which is so common in most average people you and I know.

4) The last scene of The Wolf of Wall Street is the most significant to me and tells a lot about the message Martin Scorcese wanted to convey. All Jordan Belfort‘s money came from selling the dream “get rich quick” to people who were desperate to get money without really investing the time and effort to improve themselves and offer value to other people to get it.

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This represents a huge group of people who everyday buy “make money fast” products from internet sharks like Belfort. They are poor or middle class people who still are in the “something for nothing” mindset. Leonardo DiCaprio’s Jordan Belfort even says to his associates: “I sell garbage to garbage men. They want to get something for nothing.” I confess I was one of them not long ago and lost a lot of money, which lately I realized that was completely my fault, because of the way I felt inside…

In order to get rich you need to do more than just buy a product, 10,000 stocks, etc. or give your money to someone who is promising you they will make you rich! If you weren’t born in a rich family, to become rich, first you need to become someone who deserves to be rich! You don’t get what you want, you get what you ARE!

The secret to sell that pen is not in your words, as those guys thought, the secret is to change your whole energy level, by feeling better than you currently feel. You can call it “enthusiasm”, “belief”, etc. but at the end of the day, it all boils down to FEEL BETTER!

Although in your mind, you may think that you can cheat and pretend that you are someone else, people always get it and they also get the way you are feeling. If you are feeling bad they will notice and you won’t be able to sell that pen. Nowadays, people can “read you” easier and faster than ever and the truth is that you can only be good at selling yourself, and other stuff in which you believe, when you FEEL BETTER than the buyer.

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