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Interviews with Brazilians During World Cup

Brazil is known as a “soccer country” and it is really easy to find people who love soccer here. Although I’m 100% Brazilian, I only become a soccer lover during some weeks every 4 years, when the World Cup takes over our whole country.

During these weeks everyone stops to watch our national team’s games. And we get together and party, cheering for our soccer heroes who are running behind a ball for a little more than 90 minutes. Since I was a child I have many nice memories of meeting with friends and family members to watch those games.

And Brazil is already 5 times world’s champion. No one has been champion so many times. Besides that this year of 2014 the World Cup is happening here, so you can imagine how high are our the emotions of everyone expecting that Brazil becomes world’s champion for the sixth time here in Brazil this time!

Following you can watch interviews with dear friends of mine just after Brazil x Mexico that ended with a 0 x 0 score. In each of these interviews I asked how they were feeling, because we love to win in soccer, but that was not the case in this game…

Lessandro wanted to win by 2 x 0… so he is not feeling so good…

Márcia says that even when we lose we are happy anyway, and I love this Brazilian belief that is in fact true.

Vagner says that if Brazil wins the World Cup there will be a 7 day “carnival-like party” all over the country!

Hope you enjoyed these videos to know more about the Brazilian culture and how soccer is deeply ingrained in our nation’s subconscious mind as something that make us all FEEL BETTER.

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