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Interview To Vasilis Stergiou

On Saturday, February 22nd 2014, I was in Las Vegas participating in a very cool workshop called “Hush Hush! Secrets Of The Ultra Wealthy.” And I had the luck of meeting Vasilis Stergiou, a very cool and smart Greek guy who nowadays lives in Phuket, Thailand, thanks to his success in Big Idea Mastermind. As you can imagine, his lifestyle nowadays is a dream for most of us. You can see it on the homepage of his site.

I came from Brazil and he came from Thailand, so both of us traveled many hours to be on that event. But he traveled much more than me! He did travel more than 35 hours!! I was very impressed by his commitment to improving his life and empowering his team and partners in business as well. So I gave him one of my few first printed copies of FEEL BETTER ON AIR.

He liked to read the book and invited me to give a hangout interview. So today I was very honored to be interviewed by Vasilis, his partner Jason and other very cool greek friends from the VJ Success Team who live in Thailand and are living the lifestyle that we all dream of.

Although the interview was about my new book FEEL BETTER ON AIR, they also shared a lot of value about their experience helping other people to succeed in internet marketing. If you want to be inspired, grow online and have a dream lifestyle, keep watching these guys, because I see a huge and very prosperous future for all of them.

Hope you enjoy the interview, as much as I did! It was awesome to be able to share not only things from the book, but also some tips to have success and lots of traffic to your online business.

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