Interview with Derek Fawcett

I really admire artists and specially musicians who are able to give life to feelings that we carry inside our hearts…

If you remember that we send out vibrations that will end up attracting thoughts, things, people and circumstances that will attract what composes the world that surround us, you realize how important it it is to send out the right vibrations to attract what you really want in your life.

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Those vibrations can be felt when you send them out, but you can also fill yourself with good or bad vibrations listening to music. If you want to feel good, listen to songs that make you feel good. If you want to feel sad and bad, listen to songs that give you that sensation.

And if you want to FEEL BETTER, listen to songs that pump you up and make you feel so good that you will start thinking about how life is wonderful and become enthusiastic about your future.

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With all that said I’d love to introduce you to Derek Fawcett, a musician from Chicago, who is releasing an album called FEEL BETTER, with a beautiful song with the same name. Love his voice, and all the good vibrations that I feel when I listen to him singing that song.

Watch the interview and see for yourself what I mean.

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