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Interview with Kevin Rose

In higher or lower levels, all of us want to influence audiences around us, because that’s the secret to success. The more influential you are, the more successful you will be.

So remember that what happens inside you, your thoughts and feelings, literally influences other people, your surroundings, and even WILD ANIMALS. And here is my friend Kevin Rose, professional speaker with a background in manual therapy and intensive human-animal interaction studies with wild, captive-wild, and domestic animals, to show you that this is true.

Kevin Rose is doing a fantastic job showing people how to get back to the present moment and enjoy life in a more relaxed way with a very effective technique called Grounding, in which you can get back to the present moment and reduce your inner stress to very low levels in less than 20 seconds.

The most amazing thing that happens when you train yourself to be “grounded” most of the time, as it happened to Kevin, is that you become able to interact with other people, your surroundings and even with WILD animals in a very unique way. Those animals start to really appreciate and even crave for your company, just as you would like your human audience to do. In this video Kevin tells us about his impressive experiences interacting with dolphins, that followed him in water, and wolves that changed their behavior according to Kevin`s inner grounding levels.

After watching this video, you will be amazed to realize how important it is for you to wake up from your thought dreams (and nightmares! 🙂 ) and come back to reality with this grounding technique. And there is no experience better than interacting with animals to be able to ground yourself on demand, because they are grounded all the time, as Kevin explains.

What you are learning here is very important for you. It doesn`t matter what type of business you are in, you are always interacting with people and if wild animals can feel what you are feeling, you can be sure that the same thing is happening with other people that can be your clients, fans, subscribers, etc.

Kevin Rose usually charges $200 per hour, so take advantage of the FREE 20 minute consultation that he is offering just for us here in FEEL BETTER ON AIR. You just need to go to his site, click on its Contact Page and send him a message to ask and schedule your free consultation.

I highly recommend that you do that, because a short talk with Kevin Rose could change and improve you life and online business forever. This is the link to claim your 20 minute consultation:

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