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Interview with Steve Shenk

Imagine that someday (like TODAY!!!), while going through your daily routines, you meet a real life wizard, someone like Gandalf, Merlin or Yoda, who has all answers to your deepest questions. Well, that’s how you will feel when you meet Steve Shenk and read his awesome book “The Guardian Code – It’s Not Your Fault [And I Can Prove It!]“.

Steve Shenk

And feel blessed when you realize that Steve, this real life wizard, philosopher, educator, author, and 40-year entrepreneur, is on a mission to cast a spell on you, the “It’s Not Your Fault” spell, to liberate you from all your guilt feelings associated to the past and empower you in such a way that you will see your life into a totally new and wonderful perspective.

Besides amazement and appreciation, we need to feel admiration for Steve’s mission, especially when we remember that a study on guilt at Case Western Reserve University, reported in Reader’s Digest (September 1997) found that the average person spends two hours a day feeling guilty. And we are not speaking about criminals who committed horrendous crimes, we are speaking about you and I, everyday people. Personally I remember periods of my life in which I may have spent more than those 2 daily hours experiencing guilt feelings for many different types of reasons!

Watch this interview with Steve Shenk and let him cast the “It’s Not Your Fault” spell on you while you listen to him and start to imagine how wonderful your life will become once you turn those 2 “guilt hours” into “creation hours” as Steve mentions.

Make a short analysis of your present and past to become aware if you are spending some of your daily inner routine stumbling upon guilt thoughts and feelings that make you feel bad and prevent you from achieving your wildest dreams.

If that’s the case, choose to FEEL BETTER and get rid of those negative thoughts and feelings, then buy “The Guardian Code, It’s Not Your Fault [And I Can Prove It!]” at and read it, which will be a very good way to have Steve Shenk with you for many hours and make sure you put yourself in a new dimension where everything is possible.

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Luis Souza is an electronic engineer who followed his passions and turned into author and online business owner.

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