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Interview with Kim Delorio

When you start applying the techniques I’m sharing in FEEL BETTER ON AIR, you will notice that you will be attracting different people to your life, people that will be happier, more positive and resilient to adversities.

That’s the reason I ended up meeting Kim Delorio, in a Quantum Leap meeting in Philadelphia, some weeks ago…

It was funny because, during the breaks of that 2 day workshop I had the plan of meeting other people, who for some reason were difficult to find and always busy talking with somebody else. Then I realized that those people weren’t the ones that I should be meeting and met wonderful people like Kim, who I soon realized is a unique individual who is always feeling good now!

I felt her energy, and her way of expressing herself and asked her: do you feel good all the time? And she said YES! And then we moved our discussion to this awesome characteristic that I’m transforming into a habit of mine and that she is already practicing since her childhood, as you will soon understand through this interview.

LS: how do you keep yourself feeling good most of the time?

Kim: My dad always told me that happiness was a choice. I do not allow things going on externally to interrupt my CHOICE to feel good and be happy!

LS: were you always like that, since you were a child or did you change at a certain point of your life?

Kim: I have always been the happy-go-lucky one in the group. I can’t ever remember a time in my life where I was the cranky one. J

LS: how do you do to handle other people`s mood swings?

Kim: I either try and help them look at it from a different perspective and cheer them up. I also like to teach them that happiness is a choice and they should not give a person or situation the keys to their own happiness. People that don’t get the hint and continue to drag others down, despite how much I try and cheer them up, I end up distancing myself from. Some people unfortunately thrive off of negativity and drama.

LS: what do you do in the days when you don`t feel so good?

Kim: I acknowledge the feeling, and give myself permission to be authentic. The reality is, no matter how happy or positive someone is, they are still going to have bad days. I allow myself to have them, however, I do not go around sharing that energy with the world and try and bring them into it. I feel it myself, lay low, and remind myself that it’s ok, and tomorrow I will make the choice to have another great day! I have also found that when I am feeling down or bummed out, the best medicine is to take the attention away from myself and help someone else who is in need. That many times immediately snaps me out of a funk!

LS: what kind of thoughts to you entertain in your mind most of the time?

Kim: Forward thinking. Positive. Goal-oriented. I choose not to dwell on bad negative thoughts, because become what you think!

LS: when you have a goal, what do you do with your mind to reach it?

Kim: I am a very big believer in vision boards, affirmations, goal lists and putting your goals/dreams out in the universe. I have all my goals written out, I share them with many people, I talk about them. I speak them into existence. On my goal list of hundreds of goals, I am constantly achieving them, and it feels so good when I do. When I ask others if they have written out their dreams, most respond with “No” along with an excuse. I feel by writing them down, it creates instant accountability, and I feel that much more driven to make that dream come true! (and I do!)

What I realized is more interesting in Kim Delorio’s mindset is that by learning that happiness is a choice she doesn’t allow herself to keep feeling bad when she would have reasons for doing that. She keeps bouncing back to good feeling states!

She even participates in spreading happiness activities as when she showed a sign “You Are Enough” in a street to show people how they could be happier just by realizing that they are already enough!

kim delorio

We have so much to learn from this kind of inner behavior!

Do you think you can be happy as a choice, even without external reasons for that?

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