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The Goal Achievement Magic Formula

I’m a very goal oriented and persistent guy, but sincerely I was having trouble to reach my goals for many years, when finally I learned that my inner state matters even more than what is happening inside of me, when it comes to improve my own life and reaching my goals. This realization made all the difference and led me to reach unimaginable levels of success!

There is a simple formula that shows how the inner process happens inside your mind and body.

P -> T -> F -> A = R

P = Programming (a.k.a. Conditioning)
T = Thoughts
F = Feelings
A = Actions
R = Results

Programming leads to Thoughts that lead to Feelings that lead to Actions that lead to Results.

Whenever you aren’t satisfied with your results in life, you need to change their roots, which are in your Programming. The trick thing here is that your Programming is something that is happening inside your Subconscious mind, but when you change it applying the right techniques your life improves almost instantly. It is awesome when that happens!

Watch the following video where I explain how that formula works inside you.

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