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FREEDOM is just a feeling!

In today`s world, if you already have physical freedom and can go wherever you want, you will realize that FREEDOM is just a feeling. Actually FREEDOM is a feeling that you should nurture inside your body and mind. FREEDOM is an empowering feeling that makes you stronger and even inspired! And by being inspired you will inspire others too!

In order to get this FREEDOM feeling and experiencing real FREEDOM you need to use your right to choose your thoughts and feelings. Actually this is what REAL FREEDOM looks like. I admire men like Nelson Mandela, for instance, who was 27 years behind bars and kept his freedom, choosing to think that South Africa could improve and become a better country for its citizens, something that he promoted his entire life, especially when he became its president, after he got out of prison.

So, no matter what your situation may be in this precise moment, strive to feel FREEDOM and believe that you can reach higher levels of physical FREEDOM, with more health, money and love enriching your life.

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Luis Souza is an electronic engineer who followed his passions and turned into author and online business owner.

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