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In Las Vegas, feeling great! 🙂

Something surreal happened to me on Thursday, May 15th 2014… …minutes after waking up (at 5 am BRT), but still in bed, I clearly read on my inner mind screen:

In life, wins the one who feels better. Winners feel better to win, and then feel even better.”

Immediately I identified this as a message coming from my subconscious mind as a new title idea for the new version of my book FEEL BETTER ON AIR 24/7/365, which will help me to fulfill my mission of reaching millions of people with the FEEL BETTER message.

Excited with this title idea that indeed seems to be pretty good, I immediately wrote it on paper and then sent an email to the book launch consultant that was helping me to organize the launch of this new book to ignite the FEEL BETTER movement.

What made that Thursday unusually surreal was the answer that I received from that book launch consultant. For privacy reasons, I won’t reveal his name, so let’s call him “The Book Guy”.

The Book Guy

Well, The Book Guy answered my message informing me that he had already refunded my money and that he did not want to work with me anymore, and then he wrote almost 2 pages of accusations, stating that I don’t live according to what I preach in my book, that I’m only thinking about numbers and money and that I am not really interested in helping people to FEEL BETTER. And since then he doesn’t want to talk to me anymore, on the phone, Skype, etc.

The Book Guy was receiving more than US$ 20,000 to organize and execute that book launch, so it was pretty strange and ironic to hear from him that “I” was the one “only interested in making money”… But he was right that I wanted to know his previous results when launching other “bestsellers”, as he is known as someone who helps authors to become bestsellers. As a client, after receiving that message, I’m pretty sure that he doesn’t have good results to show and that my inner GPS was right to keep remembering me to ask him about them, which I had done in previous email messages. He got angry because I insisted in knowing those numbers, “fired” me as his client, but didn’t reveal any numbers!

Surreal, but very human and understandable… he preferred to lose me as a client than losing his reputation…

The way I see it, although The Book Guy had already read my book and declared that it is great and ready to be published, he preferred to refund my money and stop working with me because he didn’t want to reveal that his results are not so good. As I’m learning more about the publishing industry, the reality is that “bestseller” doesn’t mean so much. You may never be considered a bestseller even if you sell millions of copies on your own site, but you can easily become a fake “bestseller” by just selling like 400 books in one particular day on Amazon, for instance, even if you don’t sell any more copies afterwards. Sincerely, I don’t want this type of success… I’d rather sell millions of copies of FEEL BETTER TO WIN in my own site any day of the week, even if that meant that I’d never be considered a “bestseller”…

But The Book Guy also accused me of not living according to what I preach and of not being committed to my mission to help other people to FEEL BETTER, so keep reading to see if he is right…



A Short Summary Of FEEL BETTER Basics

In short, if you want to attract what you want, you need to think about it all the time and feel good about getting it, as if you had already got it. By doing so you will not only take actions that lead you to reach your goal, but you will also send out vibrations that will attract what you want.

It’s by monitoring if you are feeling good that you are able to check if you are thinking thoughts that will lead you to reach your goal. If, for any reason, you start to feel bad, it’s because you are thinking about “not” getting what you want in many different negative emotional levels, which lead you in the opposite direction, to “not” get it at all!

So you need to focus on feeling good now and keep feeling better all the time to attract what you want and much more that the universe has to offer you. Read more about it in FEEL BETTER ON AIR 24/7/365.

In addition to this, I should say that when I tell you to FEEL BETTER, I’m not saying that you should hide in a fancy mountain in the north east of the USA and meditate during the weekends to feel good.

FEEL BETTER is not a static concept; it is more like a dynamic inner attitude to decide to FEEL BETTER whenever life gives you a reason to feel worse, because at the end of the day, you know you are responsible for everything that you attract in life and it is by the way you feel that you decide if you will attract good (positive) or bad (negative) things, circumstances, events, people, etc.

In a nutshell, whenever, for any reason, you feel bad and under pressure, do your best to FEEL BETTER! And if you are already feeling good, do your best to feel even better! Read Ask And It Is Given, by Esther Hicks, to go deeper and understand better why this inner process is so important in order to connect yourself to your Source. I would even say that it is by feeling good (and better) that you connect yourself to God!

Do I Use My Inner GPS?

So, using these principles, let’s see if I practice what I preach in this particular The Book Guy case study:

You see, I’m really on a mission here, prepared to do whatever it takes to reach my goal of helping millions of people with the FEEL BETTER message, so after spending around 2 months writing and improving the text of FEEL BETTER ON AIR 24/7/365, I searched for options to publish it properly and make it known by as many people as possible. It was through this search that I found The Book Guy’s site.

In his site, there are some service options for authors, the most expensive being a complete book launch campaign that costs more than US$20,000 with fees. Even though this is still a huge amount for me, on Sunday, April 27th, I decided, against my wife’s will, to hire him and paid the first of 7 installments of US$ 2929, after being pressed by him who was saying that I should do it before a trip of more than one week, that I was about to start on Monday.

He said that he needed the money to hire some assistants and start other activities while I would be traveling and I believed! And felt good about it until I met him again by Skype on Thursday, May 8th…

During that call that lasted around 1 hour, he said that he had almost finished to read my book, gave me some advices and defined tasks that he and I would need to do before our next meeting that should happen on Monday, May 19th, but didn’t show any signs of having done much during the period of more than 1 week after I paid him, as my wife likes to say.

I started to feel bad…

After that call, trying to follow his instructions, I started to feel bad… so bad that on Monday I wasn’t able to do anything and remained in my bedroom all day long, with all symptoms of flu, even some fever. By experience, my wife and I know that I’m fully healthy, don’t take any medicine since the beginning of this century and seldom get flu symptoms, unless something very wrong is happening, like having taken the wrong decision in any of my projects, so I knew that I needed to find out what that decision was.

Inside my mind, I realized that I was feeling so bad because I hadn’t negotiated well enough the contract with The Book Guy and that I was committed to pay a huge amount of money for something that had the possibility to deliver poor results. Deep down I knew that I’ve made the mistake of hiring him, but didn’t know yet how to correct it. So I sent him a message asking about his previous results, which he answered with lots of words, but no numbers. Then I insisted again and received no answer at all. Then I sent that FEEL BETTER TO WIN message that ultimately led him to become so angry that he literally “fired” me as his client, I suppose because besides not knowing his actual previous results, I wasn’t supposed to suggest titles for my own book too!

When I received that Donald Trump‘s “you are fired!” message from The Book Guy, saying that he had refunded my money, guess how I felt?

Yes! I immediately felt better!

I was still in bed and stuck, but felt so much better.

And I asked my wife: how do you feel? And she said “relieved”.

This was all we needed to know that we were back on track towards our goal.

“Feeling good now” actually means “right direction” in the inner GPS.

Please don’t tell The Book Guy, but we are still seeing a good and appropriate book launch in our future…

Getting Back On Track

The symptoms of flu started to fade and now on the night from Saturday to Sunday, May 18th, I feel great and am writing this story to document how effective it is to use your inner GPS instructions to decide things in your life, especially if you are under a lot of pressure.

In this case, the flu symptoms made me to feel depressed, but my FEEL BETTER attitude made me go from feeling depressed to feeling angry and led me to press The Book Guy to show me previous results. And he, unfortunately, not wanting to be honest with me and show me poor results, got angry and ended a good business and perhaps personal relationship that was just starting.

I confess that I felt relief, because I also felt cheated and almost mugged. I believed in him so much that I gave him a huge amount of money, while he wasn’t able to be honest and tell me the truth about his results. Now it is clear to me that if I continued this project with The Book Guy, I would lose my money and “perhaps” become a fake “bestseller”.

I know it was my fault; I’m responsible for what happened, because I should have done a due diligence before paying any amount of money at all. I should have asked him about his actual previous results before starting any business relationship with him. Things to learn, mistakes that I won’t do anymore, a course-correction to be made, but I keep focused on my goal, no matter what.

Ok, now that I told you this story, I will give you some technical knowledge about yourself to help you to FEEL BETTER UNDER PRESSURE too.

Technical FEEL BETTER Knowledge

I’ve got the idea for this post from a video in which Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki appear speaking about The Keys to Success as an Entrepreneur present in their book Midas Touch: Why Some Entrepreneurs Get Rich And Why Most Don’t.

In this video Donald Trump says:

“I know a lot of people who are very smart, that have great ideas, everything is good, but they can’t handle pressure. If you can’t handle pressure, you cannot be a great entrepreneur”.

In other words, simple and plain, if you can’t handle pressure you can’t become rich! If you can’t handle pressure you will need to accept your financial condition as a poor or middle class person and forget any aspirations to get more from life.

I really agree with that statement and I would add to it that the more pressure you can handle, the greater you will become as an entrepreneur and as a person in general.

“You don’t get what you want, you get what you are” is a quote from John Kanary that I love and mention in FEEL BETTER ON AIR 24/7/365.

The greater you are the bigger things you will get. If you still are not big enough to get them, then do your best to become the person who deserves those big things that you desire and dream about.

The Adversity Quotient

If you have any goal in life and are willing to do what you need to achieve it, you can be sure there will be adversities on your way to its achievement. Adversities are what Donald Trump is talking about when he uses the word “pressure”.

Your adversities are your opportunities to grow!

When facing each adversity you have two choices: 1) quit or 2) keep moving forward.

With option 1) you remain who you are; with option 2) you grow.

On page 151 of the awesome book The New Psycho-Cybernetics, by Maxwell Maltz and Dan Kennedy, it is mentioned the Adversity Quotient, a concept created by Dr. Paul Stoltz, a management consultant who, since 1967, has been studying how people respond to adversity.

Adversity Quotient is a measurement of how people perceive challenges and how well they deal with them.

And according to Dr. Stoltz “a high AQ is increasingly important as the world gets more difficult to operate in”.

As Donald Trump and Dr. Stoltz say, AQ (Adversity Quotient) is even more important than IQ (Intelligence Quotient) if you want to reach real success, because your AQ defines your ability to handle pressure and overcome challenges.

Even if you have a very high IQ you can stay of become very poor if your AQ is very low. But even if your IQ is very low, if you have a very high AQ you can become super rich. You see this happening all over.

People less smart than you who become richer than you, faster than you… usually you find them on those rich and famous people magazines… which you can find in every country, in many different versions.


Ok, so let’s turn what I just mentioned into our own FEEL BETTER mathematics terms:

AQ = measurement of how people perceive challenges and how well they deal with them

Or in other words:

AQ = measurement of the ability to handle pressure

Let’s translate “pressure” and “handle pressure” into FEEL BETTER terms and we have:

Pressure = anything that may induce you to feel bad and stop acting properly towards your goal.

Handle pressure = Keep feeling good and better and acting properly in spite of pressure.

If you do this simple Math, you will realize that:

AQ = measurement of the ability to FEEL BETTER UNDER PRESSURE

The successful person and entrepreneur who you want to become has the “superhuman” ability to: FEEL BETTER, even when everything out is telling her to feel bad.

Whenever she feels any “out-in pressure to feel worse” she combats it with an “in-out pressure to feel better”.

iYou, that successful and rich person inside you (read more about it in FEEL BETTER ON AIR 24/7/365) is resilient and don’t accept to feel bad as a regular condition.

iYou may feel bad sometimes, but only to bounce back and FEEL BETTER than ever.

Today, as I’m very inspired by my own inner bouncing back recovering process, let’s go a little deeper here, defining what I mean by feel bad, feel good and feel better, in terms that you will understand and even internalize.

It was in the wonderful book Ask And It Is Given – Learning To Manifest Your Desires, by Esther and Jerry Hicks, that I found a very good way to measure the way we human beings feel.


In Ask And It Is Given, Abrahams says we humans have an Emotional Guidance System that is exactly the same as the inner GPS that I mention here. And he also says that we need to focus on feeling good now and always, because the good feeling tells us that we are more connected to our Source and on the right direction, and that there is an Emotional Guidance Scale composed of 22 different levels of emotions that function very similarly to the fuel gauge of any vehicle, at 1. your emotional tank is full, at 22. it is empty:

1. Joy/Knowledge/Empowerment/Freedom/Love/Appreciation
2. Passion
3. Enthusiasm/Eagerness/Happiness
4. Positive Expectation/Belief
5. Optimism
6. Hopefulness
7. Contentment
8. Boredom
9. Pessimism
10. Frustration/Irritation/Impatience
11. “Overwhelment”
12. Disappointment
13. Doubt
14. Worry
15. Blame
16. Discouragement
17. Anger
18. Revenge
19. Hatred/Rage
20. Jealousy
21. Insecurity/Guilt/Unworthiness
22. Fear/Grief/Depression/Despair/Powerlessness

Take a closer look at this scale and you will realize that only the first seven emotional levels are positive, the other fifteen are negative.

So in order to:

A. Feel good = you need to keep yourself feeling emotions 1. to 7.
B. Feel bad = you need to keep yourself feeling emotions 8. to 22.
C. Feel better = you need to do something to move up in the Emotional Guidance Scale.

In order to make this fact clearer, I gave positive and negative values for each level of that scale and now the FEEL BETTER Scale looks like this:

+7 Joy/Knowledge/Empowerment/Freedom/Love/Appreciation
+6 Passion/Burning Desire
+5 Enthusiasm/Eagerness/Happiness
+4 Positive Expectation/Belief
+3 Optimism
+2 Hopefulness
+1 Contentment
-1 Boredom
-2 Pessimism
-3 Frustration/Irritation/Impatience
-4 “Overwhelment”
-5 Disappointment
-6 Doubt
-7 Worry
-8 Blame
-9 Discouragement
-10 Anger/Greed
-11 Revenge
-12 Hatred/Rage
-13 Jealousy
-14 Insecurity/Guilt/Unworthiness
-15 Fear/Grief/Depression/Despair/Powerlessness

Looking at this FEEL BETTER Scale now, and by your own experience, I know you will agree with me that it is much easier to feel bad for an entire life, than feeling good even for some minutes. You simply have more options to feel bad!

Let’s say that when you were a baby, and even during your first years of life as a child, sometimes you felt so awesome that you were on +7 for hours, but in order to adept to your family and society you started to learn many of those negative emotional levels, being the most famous the -14 Guilt, -6 Doubt, -7 Worry, -11 Anger, -13 Jealousy, etc. And then as the years went by in your life you began to accept feeling bad as a rule.

You learned to feel bad and now you may even think this is good for you!

According to a study on guilt conducted at Case Western Reserve University, reported in Reader’s Digest (September 1997), the average person spends two hours a day feeling guilty!

Well, from my own experience that I share in FEEL BETTER ON AIR 24/7/365, I can assure you that feeling bad is learned and not “normal” at all, but as most people are so used to feel bad, anyone who feels better may seem crazy to them!

Train Yourself To FEEL BETTER

Feeling bad, regularly or even chronically, is a condition that you need to avoid and fight internally, because it is causing you all your defeats and drawbacks. If you ever really wanted something, but at a certain point you stopped doing what it takes to get it, the reason is because you started to feel bad.

Let me tell you 1 little secret about the way you feel:

Only you know how you feel and
have the power to change that!

For instance, nowadays I’m training to keep my mind very focused on my goal and feeling levels +1 to +7 most of the time.

Whenever I see a -1 or worse I stop and do something else, meditate, go for a walk, etc. something to find out what I did that ended up making me feel bad. I focus on feeling better all the time, especially because I’m still fighting an ancient bad conditioning that made me feel levels -14 and -15 for many years. Read more about it in FEEL BETTER ON AIR 24/7/365.

If you want to reach your goals in life you need to focus on feeling better!

It’s not a matter of feeling better only when you are already in -15 Depression, it is a matter of keeping yourself on +1 to +7 emotional levels most of the time. It is a matter of being aware of what is going on inside you and avoiding the negative emotions and actively choosing the positive ones. This is a healthy attitude that will make you happy now and always.

How do you do that?

First of all remember the formula T. Harv Eker, author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, shares to explain how rich people are rich because they think, feel and act differently than poor and middle class people:

P -> T -> F -> A = R

Programming leads to Thoughts that lead to Feelings that lead to Actions that lead to Results.

If you are not satisfied with your results, you shouldn’t focus on changing only your Actions, because they are merely a consequence of what is happening inside you, and ultimately they really are based on your subconscious Programming.

In order to change and improve your Results you need to change your Programming, and that is the reason you go to so many success seminars during the weekends. You feel good and PNL or other techniques do their trick to remove some emotional scar or blockage that you may still have from your past.

But when Monday comes you get back to your old feeling bad state because UNDER the PRESSURE of workdays you aren’t able to keep feeling good and better.

And you do that because of habit, you are so used to feel bad that it is more comfortable to keep feeling bad than taking action and doing something to FEEL BETTER.

Change that now!

Any emotional feeling that you feel is the result of the thoughts that are passing through your mind in any given time. If you are feeling bad, something is wrong in the way you are thinking. Find out what it is, change your thinking and you will feel much better.

For instance, do this simple exercise: think about achieving your goal, instead of thinking about “not” achieving it! When you think about achieving your goal, you feel good. But if you think about “not” achieving it, you certainly feel bad and may even become sick…

In the case I shared today, what made me feel so bad about The Book Guy’s contract is that there were thoughts in my mind, coming from my old bad conditioning, telling me I was powerless to correct the mistake that I made hiring him. That’s the reason I got the flu symptoms and felt so bad. The right empowering thoughts would have told me I am powerful enough to change this situation and make it work for me. This means that I need to change my programming too, which is not news for me anyway!

Ideally, with the reprogramming that I’m already making, in the future I won’t need to feel so bad in order to realize that I need to change some of my thoughts and actions to correct my direction. My goal is to reach a point in which I don’t have flu symptoms anymore too.

Don’t accept feeling bad as something good for you anymore and do your best to FEEL BETTER UNDER PRESSURE.

Whenever you are already feeling good (without the use of any drugs at all!), you know your thinking is right and already attracting other like-thoughts, events, people, things and circumstances that will help you achieve your goals.

Feel good now and FEEL BETTER even UNDER PRESSURE, not only when you are alone and isolated.

Hope you liked this post and are now feeling better because you’ve read it.

If this is the case, share it and let’s spread the FEEL BETTER movement together!

And please leave me a comment below with your thoughts and feelings about what you’ve learned here today. I’ll love to answer it!

Feeling better,

Luis Souza
“The Attraction Engineer”


PPS: SHARE IT! and grab your copy of FEEL BETTER ON AIR 24/7/365 here.

PPPS: SHARE IT!, grab your copy of FEEL BETTER ON AIR 24/7/365 here. And leave me a comment below!!! 🙂

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