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Have A FEEL BETTER Millionaire Mind

One of the books that inspired me to write FEEL BETTER 24/7/365 was Secrets of The Millionaire Mind because T. Harv Eker show how important is the way you think and feel when you want to improve your financial situation and become rich. He shows that poor and middle class people usually keep themselves playing the victim role blaming others, complaining about others and justifying their failures because of others.

Luis Souza

At the same time rich people are creating, doing, and manifesting things in their lives, having fun and using empowered beliefs that make them feel very good all the time. Harv teaches you how to change 17 wealth files in your mind in order to start to become rich from the inside out. And I can assure you that all of those wealth files will make you feel very good, much better than you are currently feeling. That`s the reason I`m urging you to have a FEEL BETTER Millionaire Mind in order to become really rich and change the world for the better.

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I highly recommend that you read FEEL BETTER 24/7/365 and watch my videos on a daily basis. By doing this, your effectiveness to reach your goals will improve much faster!

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