Interview with Melina Mary

You know, I’m very excited because there are many things going on here on the backstage of! We are building the foundation to spread the FEEL BETTER movement, that will reach millions and millions of people!

In this moment, the most important thing is to polish and improve version 1.0 of the book to give birth to version 2.0 of FEEL BETTER: ON AIR 24/7/365, which will be more fluid and appealing to help people get the message and attract what they want as fast as they can.

And I’m very very very grateful to have Melina Mary working on this specific function that involves editing, proofreading and improving what will be version 2.0 of the book. I can assure you that she is doing an awesome job that will result in an amazingly awesome new version of FEEL BETTER: ON AIR 24/7/365.

Melina Mary

With the internet, nowadays it is easier to connect with everyone in the entire world, and during the last 2 weeks Melina and I are exchanging emails almost everyday. But today we met for the first time in a Google hangout and it was wonderful to be able to speak with her and hear her voice and enthusiasm about the FEEL BETTER project.

She lives in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, while I live in Londrina, Brazil, but during our talk, I was feeling as I as in the same room with her. It was so much fun that we decided to make the following short interview for you, so you can know more about Melina and our FEEL BETTER project.

FEEL BETTER Interview from Dubai

During this interview you will be learning why Melina and I really believe that we are sharing “the secret within The Secret” with you through FEEL BETTER: ON AIR 24/7/365. Hope you get that, because once you do it this deep truth will change your life forever!

Besides that I really loved hearing from Melina how is the Dubai lifestyle and how wonderful life can be when you live there. After today, you can count that Dubai is certainly on my list of 101 places to visit before I die! 🙂


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