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My daughter Naomi, who is now almost 16,  recently told me that she loved the way I taught her how to ride a unicycle in just 5 days when she was 9 years old, even though I didn’t know how to do it myself… This learning experience became a very important training metaphor (impregnated in her subconscious neural pathways!) that she is now using to learn other things.

unicycle style coaching

It was in Japan, during 2007, in a city called Ogaki, in a part of the city where there were many small rice plantations in both sides of very narrow not paved roads, that allowed only one car at a time. I walked slowly while she would try to stabilize her moves riding a unicycle that a friend had given us, because his son didn’t want it anymore.

Every time Naomi would fall from the unicycle I would just give her some feedback and tell: get up and try again! And she did it! We used to practice a little more than 1 hour a day. Which meant that she had the opportunity to fall and get up tens of times each day.

During the first and second days there were many falls, especially when there were no walls or fences to touch while riding the unicycle and because we were over not paved roads, which complicated things for her. In the third day we trained in a paved parking place near our house. And now she would take my hand to keep balance. But with only a few tries I realized that taking her hand wasn’t helping her at all. Taking her hand was preventing her from having both her arms free to use them to keep balance while she was pedaling.

So in day 4 I decided to give her only a finger instead of my whole hand and then a short thick rope that she grabbed with her right or left hand. Less support lead her to have faster progress. And then soon I realized that in reality she didn’t need me anymore. But I needed a way to show her that she was capable to keep balance on her own.

In day 5 I simply made the rope thiner and thiner, up to a point in which she just let it go and rode the unicycle on her own and without my assistance anymore. This was one of the most happy days in my life! And I felt even happier to see all her excitement too!

naomi freire

As it happens when you learn to ride a bicycle, once she learned to ride a unicycle she never forgot it. And never will forget! But, besides learning to actually ride the unicycle, I’m sure Naomi learned so much more with that experience!

The main lesson that I wanted her to learn was that she shouldn’t care so much for her falls and mistakes, but should get up and keep trying and testing new solutions to achieve her goal!

I’m telling you this story because this is my style of coaching! The “Unicycle Style Life Coaching”!

I don’t want you to depend on me longer than the necessary time, I want you to get rid of my support as soon as you can!

Which means that I want you to reach your desired results in the shortest time frame possible.

You see, I’m a fan of Maxwell Maltz, author of PSYCHO-CYBERNETICS, a book written in 1960, where he compares our human machines to bicycles. He says that human beings are goal-striving machines like bicycles and that if we stop we fall. So we need to keep moving towards goals during all our lives in order to feel good and accomplished!

Well, as I consider FEEL BETTER CYBERNETICS an advancement to PSYCHO-CYBERNETICS that brings you further and faster to what you really want in life, I can only say that in FEEL BETTER CYBERNETICS we turned that Maxwell Maltz’s bicycle into a unicycle.

Riding a unicycle is more complex and involves more muscles than riding a bicycle, and the same applies to the differences between the world in the 1960’s and the world now in our 2010’s.

During the last 50+ years, the world became much more complex and we need to use much more of our inner subconscious potential to be able to thrive, and that’s what FEEL BETTER CYBERNETICS will allow you to do.

With FEEL BETTER CYBERNETICS you will be able to repair, transform and improve yourself and get rid of the subconscious limiting burdens that prevent you from keeping your “unicycle” stable and moving forward while you have fun and succeed reaching your goals.

I currently offer two ways of coaching using FEEL BETTER CYBERNETICS ideas and training materials:

One-On-One Coaching

In this modality of coaching I “grab” your hand and we meet once a week during some weeks during which my goal is to reduce the support I give you little by little until you are able to move on your own, towards your new FEEL BETTER goals. We schedule our meeting through Skype or Google Hangouts and actually speak face to face.  You can make a “15 minute test-drive” for FREE by claiming your BONUS FOR READERS after you read FEEL BETTER 24/7/365 here.

Price: US$ 120.00 per hour.

Group Coaching

In this modality of coaching I accept up to 5 people who will be guided by me during a period of 4 to 12 weeks during which we will meet once a week and the participants will have specific weekly tasks to do. Participants who fail to do the assigned tasks will be required to leave the group. Interaction through email with me and other participants is highly recommended. My goal is that you “ride your unicycle by yourself” in one month at the most.

Price: US$ 350.00 for the first month.

Contact Me!

If you are interested in having faster progress in achieving goals in your life, which means that you want to learn faster “how to ride your unicycle”, please let me know about you contacting me via email and I will be glad to schedule a FREE 15 Minute Coaching Session with you as soon as possible, especially if you already read FEEL BETTER 24/7/365 here.

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