Interview with Derek Fawcett

I really admire artists and specially musicians who are able to give life to feelings that we carry inside our hearts… If you remember that we send out vibrations that will end up attracting thoughts, things, people and circumstances that will attract what composes the world that surround us, you realize how important it it…

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Interview with Greg Kuhn

Quantum physics is a branch of science that is revolutionizing the way we think about everything in the universe. And this applies even to our own bodies and minds, as Greg Kuhn, the Law of Attraction Science Guy, shows in his Why Quantum Physicists series of books. Greg, is launching now the sixth book of that series, which…

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steve shenk

Interview with Steve Shenk

Imagine that someday (like TODAY!!!), while going through your daily routines, you meet a real life wizard, someone like Gandalf, Merlin or Yoda, who has all answers to your deepest questions. Well, that’s how you will feel when you meet Steve Shenk and read his awesome book “The Guardian Code – It’s Not Your Fault…

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Kim Deiorio

Interview with Kim Delorio

When you start applying the techniques I’m sharing in FEEL BETTER ON AIR, you will notice that you will be attracting different people to your life, people that will be happier, more positive and resilient to adversities. That’s the reason I ended up meeting Kim Delorio, in a Quantum Leap meeting in Philadelphia, some weeks…

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kevin rose, predatory perceptions

Interview with Kevin Rose

In higher or lower levels, all of us want to influence audiences around us, because that’s the secret to success. The more influential you are, the more successful you will be. So remember that what happens inside you, your thoughts and feelings, literally influences other people, your surroundings, and even WILD ANIMALS. And here is…

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luis souza

Interviews with Brazilians During World Cup

Brazil is known as a “soccer country” and it is really easy to find people who love soccer here. Although I’m 100% Brazilian, I only become a soccer lover during some weeks every 4 years, when the World Cup takes over our whole country. During these weeks everyone stops to watch our national team’s games.…

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lauren chenney

Interview with Lauren Cheney

Writing FEEL BETTER: ON AIR 24/7/365 was a way to share my own experience to help other people improve their attraction skills and I’m very glad every time I hear a testimonial like the one Lauren Cheney gave me today! It’s fantastic to realize that the techniques in the book are really helping other people…

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Interview with Melina Mary

You know, I’m very excited because there are many things going on here on the backstage of! We are building the foundation to spread the FEEL BETTER movement, that will reach millions and millions of people! In this moment, the most important thing is to polish and improve version 1.0 of the book to…

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vasilis stergiou

Interview To Vasilis Stergiou

On Saturday, February 22nd 2014, I was in Las Vegas participating in a very cool workshop called “Hush Hush! Secrets Of The Ultra Wealthy.” And I had the luck of meeting Vasilis Stergiou, a very cool and smart Greek guy who nowadays lives in Phuket, Thailand, thanks to his success in Big Idea Mastermind. As…

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