What Is The Burning Desire?

When you look at the Emotional Guidance Scale you see clearly that burning desire is a very strong emotion in the +6 emotional level. You need to cultivate this kind of positive emotions inside you in order to be able to improve your life.

If you never felt burning desire for anyone or any thing you need to generate this emotion with the power of your imagination. Imagine how you would feel if you had a very big dream that you are so passionate about that you would even give your life of it. Something like that. Something so strong that you don’t care for all the risks that you will endure on the path to reach your goal.

Usually all of us learn the burning desire emotion when we are in love and passionate for other person, a girl, a guy, we love and admire, and want to have as our girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband… Imagine if you turn that kind of high level and very strong emotion towards your professional and financial goals and you will have the burning desire applied to something that will improve your life in other areas too.

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