luis souza


With this post and video I’m launching a series of 100 videos and posts to share the FEEL BETTER ON AIR book ideas and why it is essential that you focus on feeling good now and do your best to always FEEL BETTER in order to reach your goals, especially when you want to become…

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leonardo dicaprio wolf

What I Learned From Leonardo DiCaprio In The Wolf of Wall Street

Recently I watched the movie The Wolf of Wall Street, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and sincerely, when I first heard about this movie, I didn’t want to watch it. If you look at it superficially you will realize that it is definitely not a FEEL BETTER movie. And nowadays I tend to choose only films that…

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feel better under pressure


Something surreal happened to me on Thursday, May 15th 2014… …minutes after waking up (at 5 am BRT), but still in bed, I clearly read on my inner mind screen: “FEEL BETTER TO WIN. In life, wins the one who feels better. Winners feel better to win, and then feel even better.” Immediately I identified…

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lauren chenney

Interview with Lauren Cheney

Writing FEEL BETTER: ON AIR 24/7/365 was a way to share my own experience to help other people improve their attraction skills and I’m very glad every time I hear a testimonial like the one Lauren Cheney gave me today! It’s fantastic to realize that the techniques in the book are really helping other people…

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My Motivational Birthday

Today I’m very inspired because I woke up and when I got to my computer to check emails and statistics of our FEEL BETTER: ON AIR 24/7/365 promotion, I read a very inspirational message congratulating me for my birthday, that is really today, April 8th! The message was from Melina Mary, my proofreader, assistant and…

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start a movement

How To Start A Movement

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fake it till you become it

Fake It Till You Become It

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melina mary

This Is THE SECRET within The Secret!

Melina Mary says it all in this powerful testimonial about FEEL BETTER: ON AIR 24/7/365! “I’ve always wanted to be part of a self-help project and I desired it so strongly that before I knew it, Luis came along with his powerful and transforming book – FEEL BETTER: ON AIR 24/7/365. I was chosen to…

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power of introverts

The Power of Introverts

There are some golden moments in our lives that make all the difference, it is like being able to jump many steps in a stair at once! One of these golden moments happened to me when I stumbled upon the TED TALK video “The Power of Introverts” by Susan Cain, author of “Quiet: The Power…

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Interview with Melina Mary

You know, I’m very excited because there are many things going on here on the backstage of! We are building the foundation to spread the FEEL BETTER movement, that will reach millions and millions of people! In this moment, the most important thing is to polish and improve version 1.0 of the book to…

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