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Marijke Hanke

Hi Luis, thank you so much for the free ebook. Loved it! such uncomplicated language made it very easy to understand. I too am a coach, NLP practitioner, and I must say that this was the most simplified (easiest to grasp)version of what we do.I*t reiterate so much so easily (y)

Marijke Hanke, Coach and NLP Practicioner
Melina Mary

“Prior to this book, I had been working with affirmations and other self-help techniques to become a positive person but there was a missing link! I just couldn’t get it. I said it all, would actually think that “I’m there” only to give up and feel low again. There was something missing but I didn’t know what. That something has been touched on before, lightly, insignificantly that you and I have missed so far. Yet, it is now beginning to make waves among quantum scientists like Gregg Braden and Bruce Lipton. Still, it has not been dealt with in great detail nor reached the masses. Now, finally the wait is over! For the first time, this missing link is finally been made aware to the masses, in great detail and with great expertise and understanding of its application in this book Feel Better! Thank you, Luis!”

Melina Mary, Author and Law Of Attraction Expert
Kamani Perera

"Dear Luis,

I started to read your book and by now I finished half a way. It is really a great one and I am inspired and copied that book to my friends too. Once I fully read it and I will read it time to time and practice what you mentioned there. I strongly believe it will work for us. Thanks for the wisdom you shared with us. My blessings for you to write more inspiring books."

Kamani Perera, Librarian
Phil Greco

"Hello, Luis! And thank you! I am delighted that you accepted my friend request. I have been reading your Feel Better! ebook, your emails, too: and I watched one of your videos at your Feel Better on air page. And I have been greatly impressed with the work you're doing. I feel I'm benefitting from it as well. I've been dancing around with these ideas for at  least 15 years, but not until your work have I truly understood how it's no use unless I devote myself absolutely, 24/7, to feeling good. Your methodology makes sense, too. In short, you have renewed my determination. Now I just need to see results   But once again I thank you."

Phil Greco, Director
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We value your privacy and would never spam you